Friday, November 15, 2013

Not Sure on this one:

Phone: 214 960 6822
They Call The program : Step Marketing Products
The caller states there is no charge for the program
and that they will set up a web site for you yet you will
need to purchase a merchant id number from the state
which you will be doing business in .
The cost is $499.00 dollars .
When i asked ,how about i just sign up with the state
and get the merchant id number myself he became upset
so i asked again and said well if i just get the id number
through the state then you can set the program up for free
cant you ? He only became more upset and explained
that time was of the essence and if i didnt act today
i would miss out on this opportunity , he also
explained to me that he personally had 750 businesses
in his portfolio and could live off the money for the rest
of his life . ( So..... Why is he on the phone to me ? ) 
I looked up the web page at the url above .
it was registered on: July 25 2013 .
I find them questionable and will look for more
information on them in the future.
Merchant services usa :
Similar Name so i ask are they related ?
I dont know .
Merchant Services USA
5727 North 7th Street, Suite 201 Phoenix, Arizona United States of America
Complaints in regards them :
( Why is this a Washington review when the above says there are in Arizona ? )
 Pinnacle365 also has a Washington/Arizona affiliation which was bogas$3,840.00 

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