Friday, November 15, 2013

Not Sure on this one:

Phone: 214 960 6822
They Call The program : Step Marketing Products
The caller states there is no charge for the program
and that they will set up a web site for you yet you will
need to purchase a merchant id number from the state
which you will be doing business in .
The cost is $499.00 dollars .
When i asked ,how about i just sign up with the state
and get the merchant id number myself he became upset
so i asked again and said well if i just get the id number
through the state then you can set the program up for free
cant you ? He only became more upset and explained
that time was of the essence and if i didnt act today
i would miss out on this opportunity , he also
explained to me that he personally had 750 businesses
in his portfolio and could live off the money for the rest
of his life . ( So..... Why is he on the phone to me ? ) 
I looked up the web page at the url above .
it was registered on: July 25 2013 .
I find them questionable and will look for more
information on them in the future.
Merchant services usa :
Similar Name so i ask are they related ?
I dont know .
Merchant Services USA
5727 North 7th Street, Suite 201 Phoenix, Arizona United States of America
Complaints in regards them :
( Why is this a Washington review when the above says there are in Arizona ? )
 Pinnacle365 also has a Washington/Arizona affiliation which was bogas$3,840.00 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Add To the list ( affiliated with pinnacle365 people )

Phone: 888-406-5276
avoid them like the plague.

Complaints Found :$3,499.00$14,500.00

Monday, November 11, 2013

This May or may not be related to
I just received an email from this person who wants
to help promote my web pages with
This person's name and email address, phone numbers are below .
I tend think think they are related in some form .

Dina Jo Fox
Marketing Director
Effective Design Solutions
5130 W Baseline Rd. 117-157
Laveen, AZ 85339
Phone: 888-909-4337 x1010 or 909-991-7038

eds media

Here is the latest complaint with Effective design Solutions:$2,500.00

Complaints related to , pinnacle 365

Here are a few places to look.
Please feel free to comment and add any further information
to let everyone know about these thieves.
To follow these links just copy and paste them into your browser .  ( latest job advertisement )$7,399.00

Names associated with this company:
Leah Hamilton
Brooke Campbell
Stan Davis
Jason Butler

I will post more as I find it. We need to expose everything these people do, no matter how
long it takes.

This is a scam and do not get involved with these people .
i will post more information soon.
got to love that phone number .